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Model zoo for genomics

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Kipoi (pronounce: kípi; from the Greek κήποι: gardens) is an API and a repository of ready-to-use trained models for genomics. It currently contains 2205 different models, covering canonical predictive tasks in transcriptional and post-transcriptional gene regulation. Kipoi's API is implemented as a python package ( and it is also accessible from the command line or R.


# of models: 2205

# of model groups: 37

# of contributors: 12

# of model groups supporting postprocessing:

  • Variant effect prediction: 7/37

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Getting Started

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  • Install Kipoi: $ pip install kipoi
  • Run $ kipoi ls
  • Explore the models locally at ~/.kipoi/models
  • Upload model weights to zenodo or figshare.
  • Add the model to ~/.kipoi/models/ (copy&edit the existing model or run kipoi init)
  • Test the model: kipoi test ~/.kipoi/models/my_model
  • Submit the pull-request to
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