Using Kipoi - Installing on OSX

Depending on the versino of OSX you are using there is python pre-installed or not. On OSX Sierra it is not, but on OSX High Sierra it is. For Kipoi to work fully you will need a version of python (2.7, 3.5 or 3.6) installed, preferably you will also have an installation of conda. We have seen problems when conda environments were re-used so we strongly recommend that you create a new environment e.g. kipoi where you install Kipoi.


Make sure you have python installed:

You can try by just execting python in your Terminal, if nothing is found you will want to install python (not pythonw). There are some good explanations on how python 2 can be installed on OSX Sierra and if you are using High Sierra and you prefer python 3 you can follow this.

After completing the steps and installing conda or miniconda please procede as described in getting started.